This time we are presenting our anniversary collection Décima, a very special one  representing our 10 years since we started the brand, 11 outfits that show the perfect  harmony between designer and artisans, resulting in products that express real  craftsmanship, patience, and wit enhancing our love for our culture and our mexican  roots. 

In this collection you will do a trip to  the different comunities we work with acknowledging  their different tecniques that we´ve tried to take to their highest forms. 

We acknowledge the work and effort of the experts that have dedicated their whole life to  preserve and enhance the textile art. 

“This collectionn means to dream and make your dreams come true, there´s nothing that  makes us prouder than the work we do, it´s our origin and our inheritance. We give live to  the story and identity of our country, writing it in each piece we make.”

–Denisse Kuri-

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