This collection is our only collection of 2021. We decided it this way because of what we lived last year, where we got more conscious about everything happening in the world. Also because our collections are timeless and forever.

Most of our pieces are black and raw, this way you can use them even more times for all occasions. We say it’s inspired by the colors you find in Mexico because our textiles and embroideries have the same impact as colors.

Our thing is the story you find in each of our pieces. We work with different communities in Mexico, in Chiapas, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Guerrero and Oaxaca.

For this new collection we are introducing the Jonote fiber found in Cuetzálan, Puebla, which the artisans extract from the trees and weave to produce the pieces in this collection. Also we are using artisanal silk from San Miguel Cajonos, Oaxaca, where the artisans do all the process from the worm breed to making the thread, and weaving the textiles.

90 percent of our fabrics are handmade in the waist loom or in the pedal loom, this way we avoid waste and have more impact with the groups we work with.

We invite you to enjoy with all your senses and discover the colors of Mexico through our embroideries and textiles.

–Denisse Kuri

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